F^ck you challenge-Victoria Kimani shades Y-Cee and Tiwa Savage

Kenyan musician Victoria Kimani has not only broken the table, but has also shattered, and packed up the pieces with her F^ck you challenge.

Victoria posted a video of her fuck you challenge on her Instagram page, where she called out Nigerian musician Y-cee and Africa’s number one bad girl Tiwa

Lyrics of her challenge:

“Basically I gotta say f^ck you to alotta Niggaz
Also f^ck you to a lot of Hoes
F^ck you Y-Cee
Cuz I ain’t trying to vex for nobody
Took my juice, took my stuff
You stealing lyrics never giving credit
You disrespectful Nigga run my check
I say fuck you Nigga, yeah I said it
Next time you try to get my goons on deck
Oh yeah..

Grandma Africa bad girl
Turning 45…still think that you a bad gyal
You can block me for my shows but you can’t block my blessings

We all know you selling P*ssy and it’s so depressing
Whoa it’s so depressing
Whoa you so f^cking messy

F^ck you all my haters, I know I am the baddest
Your Fav be coping my diet, my body well balanced

F^ck you if you ever took my love for granted
You gonna reap the seed that you planted

F^ck you…f^ck you…”

Nigerians and fans of Ycee and Tiwa Savage have taken to Kimani’s comment section to serve her a dish of clap backs.

The main question now is, “did Ycee steal Victoria’s juice or stuffs?”

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