43 vessels stuck in Lagos waters

No fewer than 43 vessels laden with various goods are currently stuck in Lagos waters as congestion stalls operations at Nigeria’s busiest ports, the TinCan Island Port and Apapa Port in Lagos.

The nation’s import and export dealing is, also, in shambles, as prevailing congestion at ports caused a spike in shipping costs for Nigeran-bound goods by about 600 per cent.

The situation has thrown port operators at TinCan and Apapa ports into a state of confusion as containers are stranded at the terminals, while vessels are delayed unnecessarily on the waters due to limited stacking space.

At the TinCan Island port, stacking spaces are almost filled to capacity. A section of the road into the port is under construction, while the other road is manned by security agencies allegedly extorting money from importers.

The Guardian’s visit to the ports yesterday revealed that the first gate at TinCan was completely shut to allow for construction, while hoodlums and security officials manned the second gate.

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