Kenyan man dies of erection after planned sexual encounter didn’t happen

A Kenyan man has died after taking sexual enhancement drugs in anticipation of a bedroom showdown with his mistress which didn’t happen.

The police said that the Migori man took the drugs and made the plans not knowing that his mistress was in her period.

Events leading to the demise of the deceased started when his mistress and revealed to him that the show cannot go on as a result of her flow.
The police reported that the woman was unaware that the man has taken an enhancement drug.

The deceased started complaining of high fever before his condition deteriorated.

According to Ntimaru police boss John Losia, the deceased started groaning while turning upside down on the bed, prompting the woman to seek help from the bar attendant.

“The woman rushed to the bar’s attendant and asked him to check on the man whose condition had started worsening,” said Losia.

The bar is reported to have notified his family who came and took him to a nearby Mother and Child Health Centre hospital.

“They rushed him to a private hospital where he died on arrival,” said Losia.

The woman has been arrested pending police investigations.

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