Rules of the Quiz

  1. A question or questions will be posted on the Quiz Hall and all participants are expected to login and answer in the comment section.
  2. The winner is determined by the fastest to answer the questions correctly on the comment section.
  3. In quizzes that run in stages,a winner must participate in all stages of the quiz.
  4. Participants are expected to answer the questions by posting on the comment section once. If a Participant answers two times,the first answer will be considered.
  5. The time every participant answers his or her question will be displayed in the comments section for everyone to see.
  6. Some competitions may be restricted to verified members who have downloaded a recommended book.
  7. Questions are posted at 8am on saturdays. If a different time applies to a competition, it will be communicated to participants.
  8. Remember,all questions are answered on the Quiz Hall

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