A Camerounian comedian Mr Ndze has finished Nigeria on a hilarious video where he mocked Nigeria for the hardship they are going through in the hands of the government.

The video from his page share by a prominent Nigerian Lawyer using Facebook as Antonio Dasuki Atata has gone viral among Nigerian elites professionals.

Mr Ndze who makes jokes that cut across the idiosyncrasies of different people living in different countries of Africa also referred to the proliferation of churches in Nigeria and how things have turned upside down for Nigeria to the extent that the currency in Cameroun is now stronger than the Naira.

Nigerians have been responding on the page of Antonio Dasuki Atata who shared the video with many of them admitting that Mr Ndze was right and others finding it either hilarious or too serious.

A few people who tried to defend Nigeria received a mob response from social media followers.

see the video below

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