The Founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo, has forewarned his son, Isaac, not to, in the course of discharging his ministerial duties, bring down any ministry.

This was made known on Tuesday in a You Tube Video shared by Isaac on his X account (formerly Twitter), titled, ‘Unveiling of the Isaac Oyedepo Evangelistic Ministries.’

In the Video, Oyedepo spoke to a congregation which were believed to be members of his son’s newly-founded ministry.

He said, “My son, His times are not in your hands, your times are in His hands. Don’t be part of maligning or bringing down any ministry.””Some years ago, someone stood up to give a testimony and to malign TREM and Deeper Life and I corrected it immediately. Never get to a point where you say this thing is only happening with me.”

“He also implored Isaac not to be a partaker of the young generations of Ministers who appear selfless, yet self-centered. Oyedepo was heard saying in part, “As hands are laid on you, I pray for unusual grace for sustainable connectivity that will keep you going without sweat.“I pray that impact will be your goal not good preaching but great impact and I pray that your life will interpret your message in the name of Jesus.“As you step into this new phase of your assignment, may you be clothed with humility. I have never begged, yet I have never lacked, I have never borrowed yet I have never lacked.

”However, Isaac had earlier addressed speculations about his status within the church and his relationship with his father.

He reaffirmed his commitment to the ministry and urged the public to display caution surrounding the swift dissemination of information yet to be disclosed through his social media channels.

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