IDP IELTS has established a new branch for seamless operations in city of Ibadan, and now offers the IELTS on Computer at its official IELTS test centre which was launched this week.

With the new development, students can utilize the advantage of sitting for the IELTS test without considering the need to travel far away.

IELTS is an internationally recognised language proficiency test that measures the ability of individuals to communicate effectively in English.

It is widely accepted by universities, employers and immigration authorities in the UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries around the world.

However, seaking during the press conference after the ribbon cutting ceremony, Mr Darrin Vardon, IELTS Director MEA, EU & CIS, said, “I am pleased that IDP was able to expand our IELTS on Computer presence to Ibadan.”

“Test takers in Ibadan and surrounding cities will have the option to choose whether they sit their test on Paper or on Computer, whichever suits them best. They will also have the support of our expert teams and our digital platform – including the IELTS by IDP App, which enables test takers to receive expert preparation guidance, register for the IELTS tests and, later, proudly showcase their results on social media platforms. Our trusted human connections will support Nigerian students and test takers every step of the way in achieving their global study and career goals.”

The IELTS test is in two formats: IELTS Academic for those who want to study at universities and other higher education institutions and also IELTS General Training for those intending to migrate to English-speaking countries.

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