The Labour Party’s nominee for president, Peter Obi, has promised that his team will keep track of all the money raised during the 2023 presidential contest.

Using his verified Twitter account, Obi made this promise in a statement on Friday.

He claims that the campaign staff for Obi-Datti has started to publicly account for the money they received in the 2023 presidential election.

The accusation of N3.5 billion embezzlement by Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the party, was made by Oluchi Opara, the National Treasurer who was suspended.Abure, however, refuted the accusations and threatened to sue Opara.

In response to the news, Obi said, “Today we started the public accounting process for Obi-Datti Campaign Funds for the general election of 2023. We started with the crowdfunding, where we asked the public to contribute to our endeavour.

“A group under the direction of @AishaYesufu oversaw this procedure. We will proceed to other procedures after that, making sure that we give an account to everyone who contributed to us, whether in kind or cash, to reassure them that their money was used appropriately for the reason for which it was requested. These people graciously and, in certain cases, immeasurably supported us.

Additionally, we will be telling organisations and support networks that contributed to our joint endeavour to create a new Nigeria to follow suit by giving an explanation to their donors.”In addition, we will physically thank our supporters by going on a Thank You tour to all of the places we have been, as I stated right after the Supreme Court ruling this year in 2024, starting at the end of the first quarter.”

Even though we only had access to less than 20% of our budget, we will demonstrate to our donors the very real success we were able to achieve through the wise use of their resources.

We have taken note of our donors’ kind contributions as well as their steadfast devotion to the democratic process, to which they have pledged their support.

They persevered in the face of difficulties and hindrances and were instrumental in determining the course of our country.”

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