The price of sachet water, also referred to as pure water, has increased dramatically, shocking the people of Umuahia and other parts of Abia State.

Results indicated that the cost of a sachet of water has increased to N50.However, the commodity was sold for N50 for two sachets two weeks ago, so the dealers have raised the retail price by 100%.

Additionally, a bag containing 20 sachets now costs between N400 and N450, up from the N300 the retailers were selling it for two weeks prior.

The Table and Sachet Water Producers Association in Abia State recently went on a two-day strike, which is when the price increase started, according to the findings.

Following the meeting, the members raised the price per bag from N250 to N350, but retail stores only charged N50 per sachet to final customers.

Some state citizens claimed that they now drink straight from boreholes and other open sources.

The residents, however, who were aware of the negative health effects of drinking from other sources, urged the producers and the government of Abia State to take prompt action to address the issue.

Dr. Terry Omemma, a public health specialist, stated that action must be taken to lower the cost of drinking water so that those in need can afford it.

Additionally, he issued a warning that drinking dirty water could cause a serious outbreak of water-borne illnesses.

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