In Lagos State’s Agungi Lekki neighborhood, two infamous traffic robbers, Olumide Oladiji and Lekan Ibrahim, have been taken into custody.

It was discovered that the event happened on March 15 at approximately 7:30 p.m.

According to a police source who spoke with our correspondent, the suspected robbers pretended to be beggars on the expressway in order to steal from passing cars.

According to the source, the perpetrators took the victim’s phone and gold necklace by force.

The victim then informed the Ilasan division patrol officers stationed at the Jakande roundabout, which resulted in their arrest.”A driver, stuck in traffic at Agungi Lekki Laguna, reported that two men posing as beggars approached him and took his phone and gold necklace by force,” he said.

He promptly made the Ilasan Division patrolmen at the Jakande roundabout aware of the situation, and they moved swiftly to take action. After being detained, Lekan Ibrahim and Olumide Oladiji were brought to the station.Benjamin Hundeyin, the public relations officer for the state police, confirmed the incident upon being contacted.

He stated that the stolen goods have been recovered and that the perpetrators will face charges.”The stolen items were recovered from them,” stated Hundeyin. Accordingly, the two suspects will be arraigned.

A few well-known traffic robbers were taken into custody in the Lagos State neighborhood of Orile-Iganmu, according to Metro report. The public provided a tip, which led to the arrest.

Approximately eight thugs were reported to have appeared from beneath the bridge in a commando fashion, armed with sticks, machetes, broken bottles, and jack knives to rob innocent bystanders of their belongings during the nearby traffic.

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