Troops from operation Hadin Kai Maimalari line up at the Aiir Force Base in Maiduguri on December 11, 2023 during Nigerian President Bola Tinubu visit to the start of the Chief of Army Staff's (COAS) Annual Conference 2023. (Photo by Audu MARTE / AFP) (Photo by AUDU MARTE/AFP via Getty Images)

Five terrorists have been slain by Nigerian Army personnel in Borno State during clearance operations.

Following the Combat Team’s clearance operations on Friday, 78 kidnapped victims—35 women and 43 children—were successfully rescued.

The troops cleared six villages that the terrorists were using as their base of operations.Ngurusoye, Sabon Gari, Mairamri 1 and 2, Bula Dalo, Bula Dalo extension, Yamanci, and Gargaji are among the Borno State villages that were cleared.

The accomplishment came about following a hard-fought gunfight with the terrorists, according to a statement released on Saturday by Maj. Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, Director of Nigerian Army Public Relations.

According to the statement, “Troops of the Nigerian Army’s 7th Division have continued to pounce on the remnants of the Islamic State of West African Province and their counterpart from the Joint Arab Strike in North East Nigeria.”

Beyond the talk of reprisals”On Friday, March 22, 2024, a Combat Team of the Division carried out an intense clearance patrol during which the troops successfully cleared six villages where terrorists had taken hostages and made their winter quarters.

“Five terrorists were killed by the CT during the operation after they came into contact with them and engaged them in a gunfight. In addition, the courageous soldiers freed 78 people, including 35 women and 43 children who were being held captive by the terrorists.

“The enclaves and villages cleared by the CT include Ngurusoye, Sabon Gari, Mairamri 1 and 2, Bula Dalo, and Bula Dalo extension.

Other areas also cleared are Yamanci and Gargaji general areas. Items recovered are one terrorist’s flag and a mobile phone belongiFurthermore, 78 individuals were set free by the valiant soldiers, including 35 women and 43 children who were being held captive by the terrorist group.

The rescued victims are in custody for preliminary investigation and profiling.“In their ongoing Operation Desert Sanity III to purge terrorists and insurgents from the Northeast, the troops have not let up.

It is that multiple terrorists have been killed by troops in different theaters of operations.The last week saw 106 terrorists killed and 103 detained by the military.