The late Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad’s widow Omowunmi has expressed her outrage over what she claims are ongoing threats against her and Liam, the child she had with the singer.

She said this while pressuring Joseph Aloba, the musician’s father, to obtain a court order allowing her son Liam to have a Deoxyribonucleic Acid Identification (DNA) test.According to reports, Aloba requested a test to determine his grandson’s paternity and requested that Omomunmi be called by the Nigeria Police to offer explanations for his son’s death.

But Mohbad’s widow claimed in a series of Instagram posts that she had been going through what Mohbad had gone through before his passing.”Nigerians, you have me and Liam at your mercy! Will you permit us to suffer the same fate as Ilerioluwa? They constantly pose a threat to us. They have deprived us of our freedom!

We need Nigerians’ help,” she wrote.She declared it inconceivable that Liam’s grandfather, who coerced them into becoming parents, would also be the one requesting a DNA test.”At that time, I had no desire to become pregnant, but Baba informed me that Mohbad and the Holy Spirit had told him I ought to get him a grandson who would purchase the casket in which he would be buried.

“On August 5 of that same year, I found out I was pregnant. My father-in-law was overjoyed to hear the news. She asked, “Why is he attempting to discredit the treasure his son left behind?” The late singer’s mother claims that Mohbad’s father buried him before he passed away.But when her father-in-law produces a court order to that effect, she revealed that she was prepared for the DNA test.

Omowunmi wrote, “Go and get court order cos it is time I put my enemies to shame.”In the meantime, Omowunmi claimed earlier in an Instagram Live that her son was not having the necessary independence like other children and that some people were threatening to shoot her.”As you are all aware, I have never done this, and the reason for this is that my spouse, Ilerioluwa, never desired this,” the woman stated.

I have no fear of dying! It is got to end! Please, Nigerians, help me out! They have begun cursing my son today after doing so on multiple occasions. They claim that my son will never turn one, citing Mohbad as an example, where his father was prevented from requesting assistance from the public on social media.

“Please, Nigerians, assist me! Ilerioluwa will never forgive me if I do not stand up for Liam, which is why I am doing this now. He believed that until his death, silence was the best course of action. He was unable to fight, but if anyone comes for my son, I, Wunmi, will fight to the death.”I have remained silent despite your threats to shoot me down at the inquest and kidnap me and my son. I am so afraid of dying that I cannot even go out in public. Because of you guys, my son is unable to enjoy the activities that other children do! Why?

I am appealing to Nigerians to please help me because you are denying my son his freedom. I beg you, let Liam live, even if they kill me in the end! My son’s is being taken away from him by you! I am pleading with Nigerians to help me; I am too young to be going through what they are going through. Will this continue until I pass away?Mohbad experienced the same thing, but no one offered assistance. Help me, Nigerians, please.

My spouse was never a drug dealer when he came out. They are now keeping me quiet with DNA. I would not be ashamed to say that Mohbad never used or sold drugs, which damaged his self-worth and made him hesitant to be vulnerable. You can treat me however you like, just as you treated Mohbad, but I will not stop fighting for Liam. Do not come for Liam; I will defend him with everything I have, as I am the only parent he has and Mohbad is no longer here to fight for him.”Please tell baba to bring court order for a DNA to be done,” she continued.

He is content that my son is receiving daily beatings, so he is not following the court order. All mothers, please help me. I can no longer keep quiet, even if it means killing me. Liam is the only person Ilerioluwa has left.

This is my son, whom I carried for ten months. Please, please, come to my aid! Because Liam is like a competitor to Baba and he perceives him as a threat, Baba is happy that Liam is receiving abuse and is not getting the court order. He is content that he can use the passing of his son to generate income online.

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