Three children in Didango Geita village, Karim Lamido Local Government Area, died from what the Taraba State Police Command described as a suspected “accidental discharge” from a dane gun.

According to a report on Channels TV on Sunday, state Commissioner of Police David Iloyonomon made this claim while refuting the claims of some villagers who connected the deaths to an explosion brought on by homemade explosive devices.

When the gunpowder from the Dane gun exploded later, Iloyonomon claimed they were killed.Three of the deceased children were playing on a tree, while the other four injured children were on the ground, according to the CP. At the state specialist hospital in Jalingo, the state capital, the injured children are receiving medical attention.

According to the CP, “One Danjuma Audu informed the police that there was an explosion that caused the deaths of three children and injuries to four more.””As soon as we received the information, we sent out the Nigeria Police Force’s anti-bomb unit. They arrived on the scene quickly, searched the area professionally, and found no evidence of dynamite or IEDs.Rather, they found pellets from a Dane gun, which were found in the victims’ bodies and were thought to be the cause of their demise.

“It is thought to have been an accidental discharge because there was no attacker present. The incident’s scene has been excused, and an investigation has been launched to gather more information, according to the police chief.

The three pallets that were found are used to prepare ammunition for Dane guns along with gunpowder, according to additional research conducted by the E.O.D unit.After that, we continued our interview with Danjuma Audu, who had informed the police about the incident. He disclosed that the four children on the ground were injured, and the three children who perished were the ones perched atop the farm tree.

“That is a very clear evidence to show that it is not an IED explosion,” Iloyonomon said. “Those children on the ground and in the tree would have been shattered beyond recognition if it had been an IED or dynamite explosion.”The three children who passed away were identified by the CP as Miracle Danjuma, age 11; Kefas Bitrus, age 11; and Liyacheyan Bitrus, age 12. The other four were seven-year-old Christian Hassan, seven-year-old Godbless Hassan, eight-year-old Joseph Danjuma, and eight-year-old Leah Aluda.

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