Tuesday morning in Ebonyi State, a middle-aged pregnant homemaker killed her husband by pushing him from a two-story building.

The suspect, his second wife, was said to have been married to the victim, Mr. Nwoga Maduabuchi, from Akparata village, Igbeagu community, in the Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. The couple resided in Abakaliki, the state capital.

When the incident happened, the victim was having a fight with his second wife about a family matter, according to a security guard who spoke to our correspondent under condition of anonymity.The man “is just a victim of domestic violence,” the source claims.

He was married to two women. The state’s Ohaozara Local Government Area is home to the second wife, Uburu, whereas the first wife is from Izzi Local Government Area.

“This is a family issue. The second, however, became so furious about the situation that she acted in that manner—pushing her husband from the two-story building. That is the pinnacle of it. The pinnacle of wickedness is that.Another trustworthy source, who also begged not to be identified in print, stated that although the suspect was heavily pregnant, she and her late husband occasionally fought, with the additional comment that “the second wife was constantly nagging.”

DSP Ukandu Joshua, the commanding officer of the Ebonyi State Police, stated that he had not yet been notified of the incident by the Divisional Police Officer.

He claims that he was unaware of the incident’s location in Abakaliki and therefore was unable to determine what transpired.”Where did it happen so I can reach the DPO of the place?” our correspondent asked after making an inquiry.

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