The Lagos State Government declared that 11 suspects who were detained at the Ibeju-Lekki intersection and in the Akodo area of the state would face legal action in an effort to dissuade others from extorting residents and drivers in the state.

Olawale Musa, the Ministry of Transportation’s Permanent Secretary, made this revelation during a press conference on Wednesday.

He claimed that the suspects pose as law enforcement officers in order to extort unsuspecting drivers and residents of the state.

Miscreants pose as law enforcement officers and extort unsuspecting residents, especially drivers, in two locations in the state, according to Musa: the Ibeju-Lekki intersection and the Akodo region. Zero tolerance has been declared for these crimes by the Lagos State Government.

As we have said time and time again, the local government has dispatched a team to ensure that anyone found soliciting money for the government on Lagos streets is apprehended and removed from the Lekki area.

“I want to sound a warning to others that do the same thing that we will not relent; the government is all out for them,” the speaker said. “They will be charged to explain themselves in court.

“He pointed out that no local government area in the state is allowed to assign staff to carry out these kinds of operations on the highways.”You can call us if you have any problems, and we will come and take care of it.

However, when people approach you on the road under the pretense of wanting to make some money during these difficult times, it is unfair to collect money from drivers, and it is against the law in Lagos State to refuse them.”

“Deploying people on the roads is illegal for any local government area in the state because it violates Section 18, 2018, the Lagos State Road Traffic Law, which only authorizes the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority to conduct such operations on the roads,” he continued.

In response to extortion, the Lagos State Government detained four alleged thugs in various parts of the state in March 2023.

As the suspects tried to extort drivers in the state’s Amuwo-Odofin region, they were apprehended.

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