The community in the state’s Dekina Local Government Area has been terrorized by armed robbers on a regular basis, a phenomenon that has been bemoaned by the students of Prince Abubakar Audu University, formerly known as Kogi State University, Anyigba Campus.

Nonetheless, a few armed bandits broke into off-campus dorms and stole the possessions of the students, particularly electronics.

They asserted that there was still no solution offered and that robberies were common in the vicinity of the school.Our correspondent discovered that the robbers used machetes, guns, and other potentially lethal weapons when they operated at midnight.

In a recent video that our correspondent was able to view after last Tuesday’s robbery, the metallic doors of the broken apartment were broken into.Michael Benedict, a student, stated that the unsettling actions of the robbers posed a risk to the security of students residing in the host community.

Additionally, he revealed to our correspondent their plans for handling the situation as well as their atrocities.”There is too much robbery happening. When they broke in on us the last time, it was around two in the morning and they took away a resident’s motorcycle; today, they took expensive electronics.

A few girls were approached with offers: either they would pick up their phones and sleep with them, or they would lose the technology.”These are not students based on the looks on their faces when they first robbed my hostel.” They are all over 40 years old.

These are men who have reached maturity. They were saying things like “Awua” and “Axe men are here.” This year, those robbers have targeted my friend’s hostel four times around Stadium Road.”Due to the perpetrators’ actions, some students now patrol at odd hours for security reasons because we are exhausted.”

We want to join other students in our hostel to patrol the area at night for our safety. If we see any suspicious activity, we will alert the local vigilante man. The police are not taking any action in relation to this. They are skilled only at blackmailing people,” he bemoaned.

A different student, Daniel, went by the name Daniel and said that since there was no security for people living off campus, students were not safe.

“The level of insecurity in the place is alarming; the lives of the students are not safe.” Since the vigilante men typically arrive at the scene after the deed has already been done, there is not much the men can do.

A group of roughly six robbers broke into my friend’s hostel recently, threatening to shoot him for preventing them from breaking into his apartment.

In response, he fled to the hotel to hide. Thus, after breaking in, they took his devices as well as his cousin’s. It was not the first time; they frequently rob that specific lodge.

“There is nothing the police are doing to put an end to the robberies. “I propose implementing nighttime police patrols to deter armed robbers from entering the community,” he stated.

William Ovye-Aya, the Kogi Police Command spokesperson, told our correspondent to text him when he was contacted, but as of the time this report was filed, he had not responded to our messages.

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