Due to the terrible state of the federal route, protestors on Tuesday blocked the Jattu axis on the Benin-Auchi Highway under the banner of Concerned Citizens of Edo State.

Due to the deteriorating state of the highway, protesters from Auchi’s various communities interrupted business operations and traffic flow.

A protester, identifying only as John, told journalists that the purpose of the demonstration is to voice their outrage over the terrible condition of the state’s federal highways, particularly the Okene-Auchi-Ekpoma-Benin expressway.

“We are venting our rage and frustration at the bad state of the roads, which have made transportation challenging and dangerous for both drivers and passengers,” he stated.

John continued, “We are hoping that the federal government will help us and fix the road so that we can live a better life.

Marvelous Muhizu Zibiri, the Chairman of Etsako West Council, addressed the demonstrators and berated the federal government for its lack of political will, lack of commitment, and level of insincerity in addressing the situation, which has resulted in immense suffering and lost economic prosperity.

Zibiri urged the demonstrators to refrain from acts that might incite violence or cause property damage, to maintain composure and obey the law.

The Chairman further urged the Federal Government to act immediately to repair the state’s federal roads, which are in poor condition and seriously endanger public safety and welfare. This action should be taken through the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing.

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