The rising criminal activity in the community of Fadeyi, in the Somolu area of Lagos State, has alarmed the locals.

Residents who spoke over the weekend bemoaned the fact that some local business owners and the boys between the ages of 16 and 20 enjoyed frightening them.

Additionally, it was claimed that the gang had threatened the police on several occasions by impeding their ability to act.

Their most recent misadventure involved attacking Segun Ojeleye, a worker for a water company, in the neighborhood of Alhaji Calfo.

The boys claimed that Ojeleye was tending to a customer when the company’s truck collided with an electric pole that had been omitted.For security reasons, a resident who only went by Kenneth spoke to our correspondent on Saturday, saying that one of the boys grabbed a bottle and stabbed Ojeleye, starting a fight.

“The boys said that the water delivery truck had struck the illegal and bypassed PHCN pole on the street, which sparked the altercation,” he said. Following a fight, Sadiq hit Abbey, the truck driver, in order to retrieve a bottle from the barbershop where they had been sitting earlier.”Sadiq hit the bottle against the wall, but it did not shatter.

He then pursued the driver who had turned around, but someone blocked him. As a result, he chose to stab the manager, Mr. Segun Ojeleye, sharply in the arm.” “He finds himself in a dire situation right now. After being brought to the General Hospital in Somolu, he was subsequently moved to the Igbobi Hospital. His vascular muscles and veins had been severely damaged, and as we speak, he had undergone major surgery.

He is to buy eight pints of blood,”.Our correspondent was informed by a resident who wished to remain anonymous for security concerns that the gang also threatened company owners who had recently invested in new equipment for their establishments.

“This gang terrorized company owners who buy new equipment to operate their enterprises. When a business owner purchased a generator, they acted in the same manner. Before the generator could be unloaded, they demanded an absurd sum totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus an even more absurd sum to turn on the generator.

The resident, a trader who wished to remain anonymous but went by Iya Funbi, claimed that the gang members had a history of intimidating and abusing young girls while pleading with the police to get involved.”Traders, young adults, and the elderly are terrorized by these boys.

” In addition, they intimidate and harass local girls, even threatening to rape them. The elders, who appear to be on the run or hiding from the police in different disguises, have been replaced by them.

The police must step in and take firm action against them. The officers in this area’s police division appear worn out and powerless as they choose not to intervene due to threats.Calls to Benjamin Hundeyin, the Police Public Relations Officer, went unanswered, making it impossible to get in touch with him to verify the complaint. As of the time this report was filed, he had not replied to a text message.

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