A new travel requirement has been issued to Nigerians wishing to travel to the United Kingdom (UK) effective November 15, 2023. Except for British and Irish citizens, everyone including children who enter or transit through the UK will require permission before they travel. This means that all visa applicants wishing to travel to the UK will now need an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA). The category of persons who need the travel permit are those who are previously eligible to visit the UK without a visa and not already legally resident in the UK.

Also listed for ETA are those on visits shorter than six months, business people, tourism, and those visiting family and friends. Applicants are required to apply online before booking any travel to the UK. Once granted, it will be valid for multiple journeys over two years or until the passport you are applying with expires whichever is sooner. According to the UK Home Office, travellers with valid visas may not be allowed to board without a valid ETA as the ETA is digitally linked into travellers’ passports.

“The UK travel requirements are changing. Except for British and Irish citizens, everyone including children who enter or transit through the UK will soon require permission before they travel. This means that if you were previously eligible to visit the UK without a visa and not already legally resident in the UK, you will need an electronic travel authorisation (ETA), your stay must be shorter than six months and could include tourism or visiting family and friends, transit, business, and short term study.


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