British Prime Minister, Rushi Sunak has sacked Home Secretary Suella Braverman on Monday after she accused the police of being too merciful with pro-palestinian protesters. She was immediately replaced with James Cleverly who is a foreign secretary.

Sunak had come under growing pressure to axe Braverman, an outspoken right-winger, after she was accused of increasing the tensions during weeks of contentious pro-Palestinian demonstrations and counter-protests in Britain.

A government source confirmed that Sunak asked Suella Braverman to leave the government and she has accepted.

However, this is the second time Braverman has been kicked out of the same job in less than a year.

The first was Luiz Truss who ordered her to submit her resignation letter in October last year after spending just a few weeks in the job. It was alleged that she was sacked for sending confidential information to an MP from a private email address.

Although, the direct reason Rushi Sunak sacked Suella from her position as the Home Secretary was due to the publication of an unauthorized article in which she posited that “there was a perception that senior police officers play favourites when it comes to protesters and were tougher on rightwing extremists than pro-Palestinian mobs”.

However, after being dismissed from her position as the Home Secretary by Rushi Sunak, she stated that “it has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve as home secretary”.“I will have more to say in due course,” she added.

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