Walking down the street is a whole lot of fun. The knockouts, loud sounds of Carol songs and entertaining presence of children gracing the environment brings to life the unending joyful feelings of Christmas.

Well, it is that time of the year where we come together as one Christian family to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

We see different churches dramatizing the passion of Christ, schools are now on holiday, Carol songs have become denizens of everyone’s lips, Christmas trees, bags, and other gorgeous items are positioned for attraction across various shopping malls.

Most of us are familiar with the stories of Christ’s birth, the reason He came and tremendous effect of His birth on mankind.

Nevertheless, we all have one thing or the other we look forward to accomplishing this season. Some of the beautiful moments we all look forward to is bonding with our families that are home and abroad, organizing hangouts and picnics, travelling and visiting lovely places.

However, as much as we want to have enjoy these amazing moments, we shouldn’t forget to extend the Christmas love to our neighbours, including people we don’t know or see regularly. This is what Christmas is all about.

It is the extension of God’s love to that woman who you pass by daily without greeting, that bike rider who you usually see at the junction or the fruit seller that lives opposite your street. No matter how little you have, extend the love to them too.

Now, I once met a Christain who doesn’t feel anything special about celebrating the season and I tried as much as possible to get a solid reason but his answers weren’t forthcoming.

Now, for non-christains, it is easy to understand that you can or may want to call it a normal day, dissipating even the tiniest beautiful feelings of Christmas that tries to sprout out of you.

However ,there is a need to re-establish the fact that The Creator, who was made manifest in form of a man was birthed to save you and everyone else.

In other words, underestimating the birth of Christ is showing no regard to our Heavenly Father who has redeemed and brought us back from eternal damnation.

We aren’t celebrating this season because we just want to join the crowd, rather we come in alignment with God, having understood the primary assignment for the birth of Christ, and then join the angels to celebrate on earth.This is what Christmas is about.

It isn’t about the clothes you wear,the shoes you purchase, the beautiful places you visit or the gifts you receive,rather the focal concern is the Creator’s birth as a Man to redeem mankind.

So, rather than go about beating yourself for the financial constraints faced or comparing yourself to your neighbours or friends, you must recall that the season isn’t about you but about the Creator. What you wear or eat won’t change the Love of God towards you.

Now, there have been scenarios and cases of persons misled by the evil one to execute demonic actions that delivered them right into the harsh hands of law just in the name of ensuring they lavishly enjoy the season. These sets of people failed to understand the importance and significance of the Yuletide celebration.

What makes people end up in a destructive state is comparison fuelled by the desire to have what you can’t afford at the moment. No one would scold you for putting on your past clothes, nor would they retain you for not eating the best meals or visiting your favourite places this season.

Enjoy the moment, feast on what you have, enjoy what you have and spend the time also thanking God for the fulfillment of His word.

Meanwhile, if you have enough, joyfully share with others. Christmas is about giving and sharing.Remember, you are not the celebrant but a partaker of the celebrant’s birth.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!

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