Abia State Alumni Association has entered into a partnership with Notstreet International Ltd,a renowned Tech holding company to build an online yearbook of Absu Alumni members all over the world,The Lagos Mail reports.
The yearbook will seek to unite and promote partnership & networking among all Absu Alumni across the world.

The project which will forge greater bond for members is causing excitement among Absu Alumni members

It will open for sign up on the 20th of January 2024.

Part of the proceeds of the yearbook will go into promoting sporting activities in Abia State University as a way of giving back.

The advantages of the online yearbook over the usual hard copy are enormous.
Members can sign up on their own from any location in the world.

Members can choose to login and update their profile/Bio anytime they want.

News about the activities of distinguished members, classes and milestones of members will continue to be published and documented accordingly online.

Further milestones by members of the class will be continually updated and recorded giving members opportunity to go online and congratulate members who achieve these milestones.

In event of death, yes death, the yearbook has a section where members and other can post their tributes and express their condolences.

Every year, achievements of distinguished members will be celebrated.

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