The Nigeria Customs Service on Friday confirmed the revealing of its revamped e-auction platform on Tuesday.

This was announced in a statement by the National Public Relations Officer of the service, Abdullahi Maiwada. Maiwada attested that the decision was to ensure consistent growth of the body.

He added that the move aligned with the guidelines in the newly enacted NCS Act, 2023, “showcasing the service’s dedication to efficiency and fairness,”The NCS had in 2017, started the use of electronic platforms to conduct its auctions as part of measures to ensure transparency in the sale of seized goods. The platform was later suspended by the service due to complaints of inability to access the platform by prospective bidders.However, Maiwada in the statement said the new platform was an upgraded version of the previous portal, “designed to provide Nigerians with an equal opportunity to participate,”

“Since its re-launch, the platform has recorded impressive results, including. 1137 number of bids, 1099 registered applicants, 652 successfully paid administration fee, 100 vehicles uploaded on the window, 86 vehicles bided and won,” he added.

The NCS spokesperson emphasised that successful bidders should promptly download their winning certificates through the provided link in the confirmation email.

“Subsequently, winners are required to present the certificate where the goods were domiciled, and the clearance process is expected to be done within seven days. It is also pertinent to note that the auctions are periodic and open every Tuesday from 12 noon to 6 pm, providing the public with regular opportunities to select and bid for desired items,” he said.

He explained that for comprehensive details and guidelines on the e-auction process, interested participants were encouraged to visit the NCS website.

“While we acknowledge occasional glitches reported by participants, potentially attributed to high traffic, our dedicated technical team is actively addressing the situation.

“We assure the public that initial issues will be swiftly resolved to ensure a seamless experience in all subsequent exercises,” the spokesperson said.

Maiwada said that the service remains committed to transparency, accessibility, and public engagement through its revamped e-auction platform, “fostering a fair and efficient process for the disposal of seized and overtime goods,”The Customs e-auction platform had generated some controversies in time past with several stakeholders accusing the Customs of not carrying them along.

The development reportedly forced the agency to suspend the platform. With the re-launch, it is clear whether those concerned raised by the stakeholders had been addressed.

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