A branch of Christ Life Church in Golden Estate, Oluyole, in the state’s Ibadan South-West Local Government Area, was sealed by the Oyo State Government on Friday.

The action became necessary, according to Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources Abdulmojeed Mogbonjubola, who made this announcement in Ibadan, after the ministry attempted multiple unsuccessfully to mediate disputes between the complainants, locals, and the church’s administration.

He went on, saying, “To prevent unnecessary escalation of brewing tensions between the residents and the church on Sunday, the state government was left with no other option but to seal the church premises.”

Mogbonjubola emphasised that ministry representatives paid a visit to the neighbourhood on Thursday, November 9, 2023, after receiving multiple complaints about the church from neighbours regarding loud noises. The complaints were made via official letters and phone calls.

The average reading of 74 decibels was recorded by the team during the church activities, beginning with praise and worship, he said.The church’s actions were in violation of Section 58, paragraph (b) of the Extant Environmental Regulations of 2023, which stipulates that residential areas’ daytime noise limits cannot be higher than 65 decibels.

The church refused to sign the undertaking letter during a resolution meeting with the parties on November 29, 2023, citing a need to obtain approval from its headquarters and provide an update on Monday, December 4, 2023.

Because of the church’s persistent disregard for the law, the state government chose to seal it.

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