On Thursday, the Peoples Democratic Party primary election in Edo State was won by Asue Ighodalo, a former chairman of Sterling Bank.

The party’s delegate election took place at Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, and Ighodalo emerged victorious.

However, Philip Shaibu, the Deputy Governor of Edo State, conducted a parallel primary in a different location and emerged as the winner.

Given that Governor Godwin Obaseki is supporting Ighodalo, the primary held at Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium resembled a simple adoption.

After counting votes cast for other candidates, Ighodalo received 577 votes overall, compared to Shaibu, who received just one vote.Ten candidates in all had applied for the ticket.

Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama and Omosede Igbinedion were among the candidates who opted not to run in the election.Anselm Ojezua, Omosede Igbinedion, Osaro Onaiwu, Martins Uhomoibhi, Hadizat Umoru, Felix Akhabue, Arthur Esele, and Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama are among the other candidates.

Omosede Igbinedion resigned in favor of Asue Ighodalo, while Ogbeide-Ihama blamed irregularities and a tainted process by the party’s National Working Committee for his withdrawal from the race.Additionally, Shaibu abstained after setting up a separate election at a different location and winning with 300 votes.

Ighodalo expressed gratitude to Obaseki and the people of Edo State for their love and support during his acceptance speech.

He declared that if he wins Edo State’s governorship on September 21, 2024, he would be expanding on what he called Obaseki’s strong foundation.

In order to transform the state, he pledged to gather young men and women for his administration.”I must express my gratitude to the people of Edo State for their support,” he said, “and especially to Governor Godwin Obaseki for his confidence in me.

If I am ultimately elected to the state legislature, Governor Obaseki has set the groundwork for me to build upon.

I am going to gather young people who have the ability to change the course of the state.”Governor Sheriff Oborevwori of Delta State served as co-chairman of the election committee, alongside Governor Dauda Lawal of Zamfara State, who also served as chief returning officer.

Prior to the primary election, Obaseki had said, “Today, we are going through an exercise that has been stipulated by our party,” as she welcomed guests.

Despite being required by law, the exercise will change people’s lives because Nigeria is going through a difficult period and the right leadership is needed to help us overcome our obstacles as a nation.

God forbid, but we might all be in danger if we in Edo do not start demonstrating the proper leadership that will start to reset Nigeria.

This country’s only viable party for governing is the PDP. Once more, by carrying out our leadership selection process in this manner, we are setting an example.

At a concurrent primary, Shaibu emerged victorious.According to his supporters, security guards chased them out of the accreditation venue.In addition, they claimed to have seen names of All Progressives Congress members and residents of Bayelsa on the list of delegates released by the party’s national leadership, which they said was not authentic.”During the counting of this primary election, Philip Shaibu has a score of 301 votes and, therefore, (I) hereby declare Philip Shaibu as the authentic elected candidate for this election in the PDP,” said returning officer Bartholomew Moses, announcing Shaibu as the winner.

Gunmen broke into the venue just as the people were wrapping up their workout. They arrived in a number of vehicles, including a white Hilux, an unmarked white Sienna, two black Toyota Hiace trucks, and several other vehicles.

They were dressed in vigilante outfits.The people scattered in all directions as they shot intermittently into the air.

Shaibu addressed the delegates who were protesting, saying, “I want to tell you that no one man can determine the destiny of a people and by the grace of God they cannot disenfranchise you people.

I appeal to all of you to be peaceful. I do not want anybody to be injured. I do not want anybody to be harassed. I am happy the way you have conducted yourselves peacefully.”

“You people are the legitimate delegates, as stated by the law. They want to go vote for someone else now that you have been pushed away, but I can assure you that your vote counts and that they cannot change your names.

You must maintain your composure in all that you do, but I promise to bring your protest before the upcoming committee.

Later, when speaking with reporters, Shaibu stated, “I noticed the group outside and I asked who they are. They replied that they are delegates. I said that they ought to go to the accreditation location, but they said that they were protesting because they were kicked out of the accreditation location after winning their election and receiving their results.

“The election will take place, and if a winner is found using forged delegates, the election will not take place; however, if a winner is found using the real delegate, I am sure there will not be any issues.”

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