Pastor Tunde Bakare, the Serving Overseer of Citadel Global Community Church, has voiced concerns about what he sees as an excessively large government and has stated that civil servant numbers need to be reduced.

This was said by Pastor Bakare, a former attorney turned cleric, on Sunday during a 5:21 video clip while talking about how important it is to embrace what he called the “Jewish Phenomenon.”

“The government cannot continue to create jobs; that is not their job,” he declared. Civil servants ought to be cut, in actuality.

“Let us empower our citizens to educate others about the Jewish phenomenon and cut back on our overburdened government.”

Everybody works in a trade.Pastor Bakare, meanwhile, argued against depending on the government to create jobs, supporting a cutback in civil service and giving people more freedom to pursue their varied interests.

His sermons reinforce the general theme that each person has a special gift that is just waiting to be developed for both individual and societal prosperity.

Bakare challenged young people in Nigeria to reevaluate their views on choosing a career and pursuing personal talents.The pastor gave examples of graduates going into business, such as Yemi Ogedengbe, a pharmacy graduate, who became successful in cooking, and an architecture graduate who switched to Aso-Oke crafting.

These examples, in Bakare’s opinion, encapsulated the essence of the “Jewish Phenomenon,” which promotes the diversification of skills beyond formal education.

In light of the fact that creating a job in the future will require a combination of skills and entrepreneurship, Bakare emphasized the importance of people embracing alternative trades in addition to their certificates.

He criticized the prevailing mindset of people looking for work and urged them to use their talents for the good of others as well as themselves.”Job seekers do not own the future,” the cleric declared.

It is the property of entrepreneurs who create jobs. It is the property of individuals like my mother, who made Adire cloth instead of attending school.

In order to achieve economic empowerment, he emphasized the value of developing one’s talents.

“You hide your abilities and wear your diploma with the moniker ‘applicant,'” Bakare remarked.

“You are the one who created the problem by denying others access to your talents, which could lead to the creation of jobs for more people.”

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