The Nigeria Labour Congress was once again forewarned by the Presidency on Sunday not to go ahead with its planned two-day nationwide protest against the country’s rising cost of living.

The police issued a warning against interfering with business operations while the protest was going on.

The warnings were delivered by the police and Mr. Bayo Onanuga, the Special Advisor to the President on Information and Strategy, as 65 civil society organizations withdrew from the scheduled demonstration on Sunday, citing concerns about its potential hijack and the potential for worsening the already dire circumstances.

The protest will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday as scheduled, according to a statement released on Sunday by NLC President Joe Ajaero.

In response to the government’s purported failure to carry out agreements reached between the parties on October 2, 2023, following the removal of the fuel subsidy, the NLC announced on February 16 that a nationwide protest would take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The ruling came after the Federal Government was given a 14-day ultimatum to take action against the pervasive suffering.

However, Onanuga referred to NLCS’s decision to move forward with the protest in spite of pleas from numerous organizations and agencies as a “breach of the law” and a “illegal undertaking” in an interview.

“The protest is illegal,” the attorney general wrote to the NLC’s attorney, he declared. So, if they continue the protest, they are disobeying a court order.

“We can confirm that the NLC is in violation of an existing rule set by a competent court prohibiting them from participating in protests, but we are not aware of any plans to disrupt the demonstration. The demonstration is unlawful in and of itself.

Thus, the NLC ought to keep that in mind. Adegoke Fayoade, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, gave the NLC advance notice of its plan of action and stated that violence of any kind during the scheduled protest would not be tolerated by the command.

In a statement, Adegoke warned the demonstrators not to interfere with business operations or traffic flow in the state, and he threatened legal action for anyone found infringing on the rights of others while the rally was in progress.The statement said as follows: “CP Adegoke Fayoade, the Commissioner of Police for Lagos State, has reassured Lagosians that the command has implemented the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of lives and property, unhindered traffic flow, and a tranquil environment for the performance of their respective lawful duties.

“An action capable of grounding commercial activities and obstructing the free flow of traffic,” he warned demonstrators against doing.

“The command will uphold its mandate to guarantee that no individual or group of individuals may violate the fundamental human rights of others, particularly the freedom of movement and the right to human dignity.

“CP Adegoke, therefore, cautions all aspiring demonstrators that anyone discovered violating the legal rights of other Nigerians will face legal repercussions.”

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