Kelvin Onyengba, a 13-year-old boy, drowned while having fun at the Alatise beach in the Lagos State neighborhood of Ajah.

The incident occurred on Tuesday by 12pm.It was also learned that the deceased and five of his friends went swimming.

Our correspondent was informed by a police source that the incident happened on February 27 and that the boy Kelvin’s death was caused by the waves in the sea.The source, explained that “The incident happened yesterday. The boy’s mother claimed that her son was swept away by the water’s wave.

She claims that he went swimming and hanging out with five of his friends, but regrettably, the boy never returned to his parents.Our correspondent was contacted by Benjamin Hundeyin, the public relations officer for the Lagos State Police, who verified the incident.

Local detectives had visited the scene of the incident, according to Hundeyin, and the deceased’s family was still waiting for the body.

While the family waited for the body to surface from the water, detectives from the division paid a visit to the scene of the incident.It had claimed that Oriyomi Remilekun, a fun-loving prophet from Lagos, had drowned while celebrating Valentine’s Day this year at a beach hangout in the state of Ajah.

On Saturday, February 17, it was discovered that the deceased took a group of young people from his white garment church to the nearby Avista beach in observance of the day.

The picnic, which lasted until the evening, ended when it became apparent where the late Oriyomi was hiding, according to a person with knowledge of the incident.

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