The Lagos State Police Command has started looking into what happened before a three-year-old boy named Michael burned to death in their compound at Olorunsogo Street, Ejigbo, Lagos State.

The fire started from a melted candle.The incident happened on Saturday at approximately 11:10 p.m.

Our correspondent also discovered that the tragedy was caused by a melted candle in one of the apartment’s rooms.

Ten rooms within the compound were destroyed by the fire, and properties valued at millions of naira were also destroyed, a police source told our correspondent.

“In one of the rooms, a lit candle that later melted started the fire. Ten additional rooms in the compound were affected by the room’s subsequent spread of fire.

One child, Michael, a three-year-old son of Mr. Ayo, was totally burned in the fire. In addition, property valued at millions of naira was destroyed by the fire.

The boy’s remains were evacuated by the Lagos State Ambulance Service, according to a local resident going by the name Dapo, who also mentioned that other pertinent agencies were present at the scene.

“The small boy burned completely, and the houses in the compound burned completely,” he said. It is not a good idea to use candles at all because, as I wonder, one candle could have destroyed millions of naira.

“Firefighters extinguished the fire after a group of police, firefighters, and Lagos State Ambulance Services arrived at the scene.

The boy’s remains were removed by the Lagos Ambulance Service.Our correspondent was contacted by Benjamin Hundeyin, the state’s command police public relations officer, who verified the incident.

He continued by saying that everything was under control and that while the investigation was underway, the area was being watched.

Hudeyin declared, “While the situation is under control, the area is being monitored.”

There is a current investigation. However, a fire that started as a result of a gas explosion destroyed the homes of no fewer than eleven families in the Ojokoro neighborhood of Lagos State.

It was reported that one of the residents was frying meat in a portion of the building when the fire broke out around 2:00 p.m., igniting the cooking oil, which then destroyed the 14-room apartment.

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