The grieving friends and family of some of the police officers killed in an ambush while investigating the disappearance of three colleagues in Delta State by unknown individuals have demanded justice for their loved ones.

The Nigeria Police Force spokesperson, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, announced the deaths of the six officers in a statement that was made public on Saturday.

She also mentioned that six more officers were still unaccounted for. About the killings, five suspects had been taken into custody.Inspectors on Friday Irorere, Ayere Paul, Kuden Elisha, Akpan Aniette, Inspector Abe Olubunmi, and Sergeant Ejemito Friday are among the officers who passed away, according to Adejobi.

Inspectors Onoja Daniel, Onogho Felix, Emmanuel Okoroafor, Joel Hamidu, Sergeant Moses Eduvie, and Sergeant Cyril Okorie are among those who have been reported missing.The families of the deceased victims, as our correspondent saw on Sunday, shared their sorrows and laments on various Facebook accounts.

Other relatives and protestors condemned the NPF for holding up its investigation into the incident for a few weeks before revealing the circumstances leading up to the incident to the public and families.

In a live video that lasted for about three minutes and thirty-three seconds and was posted by Osaretin Wiseman on March 7, 2024, family members could be seen crying as police removed Friday Irorere’s body from the scene and transported it to what was believed to be his home.

The video showed women and children weeping and lamenting as other law enforcement officers prepared the late officer’s casket for burial.Our correspondent heard a man’s voice, who is thought to be the one recording, saying that the officers would be missed by friends and family.”Patriarch, good bye,” the voice said.

We shall miss you. We will miss you terribly. We shall always miss you. Your coworkers are crying too.In a different post, a wiseman described the late Irorere as a father who had helped him escape the streets.You have been like a father to me ever since I moved to this street five years ago. Saying goodbye is not an easy task. Wiseman wrote, Friday Irorere, dear gallant officer, you will always be missed.

A Facebook user going by the handle Oyemwense Eze commented, “Rest in peace, Daddy.”Flourish Moses said, “May you find peace, my friend and brother.”Others, including Aigburemwen Esther Chinyere, expressed shock by inquiring, “So it is true that Papa Israel is gone?” Oh my goodness, I can not stop crying. I had no idea that today was his funeral. Not even my siblings tell me, no one does. I had a responsibility to be there. Bring me to tears.

“Rest in Blood,” was posted on Facebook by Ayere Paul’s brother, who goes by the handle Ayereakhere Paul and was also caught in the ambush. The All-Powerful God will bring those responsible for your downfall to justice, and you ought to hunt them down until they are exterminated from your life as well as the lives of their offspring. IJN Amen.

“This is so hard to accept, especially when it has to do with the younger folks, but that is the way life is at times,” wrote a family friend who went by Charles Emonyon. I send my sympathies to Otono Ayera’s family.

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