During a shootout in the Owube Kingdom of the Ahoada West Local Government Area of Rivers State on Monday, the commander of a feared cult known as the “Greenlanders” was shot and killed by police.

Police have had the cult leader, also known as “Solution,” on their wanted list for almost a decade. He is identified as Izuma David Odiereke.

At roughly 4 a.m. on Monday, when the operatives raided his camp, which was situated in a nearby forest, he reportedly opened fire and attempted to flee but was defeated by superior firepower.

Olatunji Disu, the State Commissioner of Police, called the cult leader a serial killer during a Monday briefing to reporters at the Area Command in Ahoada.

The slain cult leader, according to Disu, was wanted by the police since 2016, and his criminal activities had caused his clan to turn against him.The command brought men to his camp at Api Forest, between Odiereke Ubie and Joinkarama 4, in the Ahoada West LGA, he said, “bringing an end to his reign.”

Three days ago, there were efforts to apprehend him, but he managed to get away. We were still encircling him.”This so-called General Odiereke, alias ‘Solution,’ who was recently killed, has been attacking us repeatedly.Since 2016, he has been listed as wanted. He was a prolific murderer. Many have perished at his hands.Because of this man, no one could go to the farm or go fishing.

He ruled the jungle as its king. He arrived in Ahoada West, specifically in the Ibiza Clan.Because anyone who comes around kills and flees at will, the clan and the community had been abandoned. He was fulfilling all of his desires.”We are overjoyed that today, command officers under the direction of the DOOR pursued him and, fortunately for us, caught him. Thus, the era of “General Solution” is coming to an end.

According to CP Disu, the deceased cult leader was accountable for the murder of the paramount ruler in the region in February of this year, along with nine other prominent figures who were also killed by his gang.

He encouraged the members of the Ahoada Area Command and Division to keep up their good work and expressed his appreciation for their devotion to combating crime and criminality.

A sizable contingent of locals from Ahoada East and West LGA turned out to congratulate the Commissioner of Police and his team on their accomplishment.

“Even if he is from Ahoada West and killed in Ahoada West, the criminality will reduce in my local government,” said Ben Ekes, Chairman of the Ahoada East LGA, in a statement to newsmen.

In a similar vein, the cult leader’s hometown of Owube, Seji Ebenezer, Paramount Ruler of the community, exclaimed, “The community is so excited.”

The community has been terrorized by the young man.”He is a well-known cultist, serial killer, and kidnapper.”

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