If the military is motivated enough, according to Musa Kwankwaso, National Leader of the New Nigeria People’s Party, they can resolve the nation’s current security issues.

This was said by former defense minister Kwankwaso in an interview with reporters on Friday, just after the NNPP National Executive Committee meeting in Abuja.

He stated that while the Federal Government was responsible for handling the security issue, Nigerians also had a vital role to play in helping security agencies by providing essential information.”As a former minister of defense, an eight-year chief security officer of Kano State, and someone who has traveled around and been thoroughly exposed in this game of politics, I believe that the federal government should now be in charge of handling security challenges.

States have been observed organizing security groups. You chuckle occasionally. Anything less than the level of the Nigerian military would not function at the current level.And in order to ensure that there is peace in this nation, everyone needs to cooperate.”Those of us from the towns and villages can still recall how our ancestors used to travel to the farms. The farm is now closed to the public.

Additionally, they are being driven out of their towns and villages.”Hundreds of bandits and criminals take away and abuse our children every day,” he said.If given the chance by Nigerians, Kwankwaso, the NNPP’s 2023 presidential candidate, claimed that his party had the solution to deal with the issue and other difficulties the nation was facing.

He added that the Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress had failed the people of Nigeria and that the NNPP was their only hope.Speaking, Kano State Governor Abba Yusuf urged party members to give their all to the organization, emphasizing that there is not even close to 99 percent loyalty to the party—rather, it is 100 percent.

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