Olatosho Oshoffa, the son of Bilewu Oshoffa, the founder of the Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide, has discussed his views on polygamy within the church and asserted that the practice is not prohibited.

No prophet in the Bible had a single wife, according to the shepherd of the CCC International Headquarters in Ketu, Lagos, who was defending the large family of his late father.

“May I make you aware of something? As you can see, Paul was just offering advice in that passage. Which biblical prophet had just one wife, please? Investigate and let me know,” Oshoffa stated

Even as the head of a Christian congregation in Nigeria, the late Oshoffa raised questions about his lifestyle by leaving 13 wives and 53 children behind.

But Tosho, as the younger Oshoffa is also known, waved away such worries, claiming that God still gave him the vision to begin his ministry 76 years ago even though his late father had three wives already.”I have no doubt that Oshoffa would not have been selected in 1947 to found CCC if there had been a better applicant.

Despite having three wives, he was the only one that God deemed worthy to found CCC because there was not a better candidate. Those who are criticizing my father ought to be aware that he never had a concubine.”He brought them all under his roof after marrying them.

However, the so-called men of God who have only one wife today will have outside concubines.Which is the superior one? Thus, I will tell you that my father would not have been qualified to serve as a bishop or pastor because he had three wives prior to being called by God, if God were to make that determination before assigning someone to a mission.

When asked how his father was able to keep his large family closely knitted, he said his father never trained the children from different mothers.“Let me tell you something, my dear brother. Our father, while on earth, used to gather us together and tell us, never say you are a son or daughter to any of my wives. But tell yourself, you are a son of Oshoffa.

“This means he used that girdle of love to tie us together. So we don’t see ourselves as children of our various mothers but as children of Oshoffa. That is the same way we related when he (Oshoffa) was still in this world and has been doing after his demise.

“Even today, the remaining Oshoffa wives that were younger than my mother, I still refer to them as my mother, because of the love that our father (Oshoffa) has used to bind us together. So, we all remain one as SBJ Oshoffa children,” he added.On the leadership crisis rocking the celestial church, the cleric said such a crisis was expected after the departure of the founder.

He was, however, hopeful that the problems would soon be resolved.He, however, declared that his eldest brother, Rev. Emmanuel Oshoffa, is the leader of the church“Now, when the founder of this church departed, the same way Jesus Christ departed, there were troubles among the apostles about who would lead.“The same way as well that according to history, the Catholic Church at a time had multiple Popes. But today, they have only one Pope after so many centuries.“This is the same situation with CCC. After the demise of its founder, there was so much trouble.

The apostles also faced the same challenges on succession as those of the Catholic Church.

“But as of right now, the first son of the church’s founder, my eldest brother, Rev. Emmanuel Oshoffa, who is based in Imeko, Ketu, and Makoko, the church’s headquarters, is the most acclaimed and accepted leader in CCC all over the world,” he continued.

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