The senator representing Kogi central senatorial district, Senator Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan, has made offers to collaborate with the young mind in her senatorial district and Nigeria in helping them realize their dreams and puts them at the global front for positive healthy competitions.

She made this known in her new year message to constituents and Nigerians, said: “Today, millions of Nigerians live in the despair of poverty and joblessness amidst the high cost of living.”

She pointed out the value of education to all gender. Speaking further, she said “fellow Nigerians, you are mostly young, smart, and intuitive; there lies your power. let 2024 be a time you show yourself changing narratives in well-defined civil spaces. I, Senator Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan will walk with you!”.

While maintaining that 2024 should be a year the young ones can unleash their potential, Natasha noted that “Nigeria’s music industry wasn’t established by the government but by ordinary citizens webbing an ecosystem responsive enough to own their space in the world. Afrobeats thrives.

“Who says you can’t do same with Science and Technology what you did to the music industry? Who says you can’t revolutionise alternative medicine in the wake of the pharmaceutical giant’s departure from Nigeria?

“In the past two weeks, I watched the NAFDAC DG and Sen. Aminu Abbas, Chairman Committee on Science and Technology make strong cases to support startups and clinic research in furtherance of alternative medicine.”

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