The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Abuja reacted to the late statement made by the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja concerning the issue of allowing Nigerians to openly carry firearms.

The Secretary of CAN, North-Central Zone, Pastor Simon Dolly, in Abuja on Monday, emphasized the importance of upholding the law and promoting peaceful means of conflict resolution.

He stated, “As religious leaders, it is our firm belief that the bearing of arms without proper license or the authority to do so, regardless of the circumstances, is a violation of the law and can potentially lead to the further breakdown of order and security within our nation.

“It is our duty as faith leaders to advocate for lawful and peaceful means of conflict resolution. Instead of promoting the proliferation of arms, we emphasize the importance of prayer for peace in our nation and urge our followers to support the government in carrying out its primary responsibility of protecting the lives and property of all citizens.

“We also stress the values of tolerance, brotherliness, unity, forgiveness, and cooperation in our teachings and interactions with our followers, as these are essential for fostering a harmonious and secure society.”

Recognizing the complexities surrounding the issue of firearms in Nigeria, Pastor Simon Dolly called for a comprehensive approach that addresses the root causes of insecurity.

“We call upon our leaders to prioritize initiatives that promote dialogue, understanding, and the equitable distribution of resources to address the grievances that often lead to violence and conflict,” he added.

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