The Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees,NULGE has called the Federal Government to annihilate the continuous destruction of refining sites portrayed as ‘illegal’ by Navy in Niger Delta.

This was made known on Wednesday in Abuja in a press conference organized by the president of the association, Ambali Olatunji to National Executive Council meeting.

He asserted that the current focus of the body was to call President Tinubu Nigerian Navy to intervene in the inhumane destruction of refining sites in the Niger Delta region.

Olatunji also called on the Federal Government to consider licensing more modular refineries that have the capacity to refine crude oil.

In his statement, he asserted that “Destroying those sites has no benefits whatsoever for the country’s oil and gas sector as well as for Nigerians at large. Instead of destroying those refining sites, they should be licensed properly and mandated to pay taxes. This will create job opportunities and be sources of revenue earnings,” he said.

“If the multinationals are leaving the country, we should encourage individuals that are willing and capable to do it in Nigeria. If we can work on those areas, coupled with minimum wage, the effects of fuel subsidy removal will go down,” he said.

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