The woman who was charged with lying during her testimony at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Abuja, has stated that she has no animosity toward the church.

This came after the uproar surrounding the treatment she received on Sunday from Dr. Paul Enenche, the senior pastor of the church.Anyim claimed to have received a “Bsc in Law” from the National Open University of Nigeria in a video that went viral during her testimony in church.Enenche, however, cut her off and claimed she was lying. In addition to criticizing the woman’s speech, the pastor questioned the veracity of her testimony.

She was asked to leave the pulpit right away by Enenche, who stated that there was nothing similar to “Bsc in Law.”However, the move sparked a wave of responses from online users who called for the cleric to apologize.But Anyim claimed to have moved past the incident in a Monday post on her Facebook page.After meeting Enenche and his spouse, Becky, she made the claim.

“I want to inform the whole world that I just had a warm meeting with my spiritual father and mother, Dr. Paul Enenche and Dr. Becky Enenche,” she wrote, sharing photos from the encounter.”I do not harbor any resentment toward them or the church. I am still devoted to being a member of Dunamis Church and serving God.

“I appreciate that the public is concerned.”I have moved past the circumstances and turned my back on them, and I want everyone to follow suit. Harmony.”The church in a statement on Monday said it reached out to Anyim over the issue, while it explained that concerns arose during her testimony at the Glory Dome on April 14, 2024, regarding her language proficiency and the clarity of her academic credentials.

It stated that her speech suggested a level of English proficiency below what might be expected of a university graduate, particularly one with a Law degree, while noting that discrepancies also emerged regarding the nature and duration of her academic pursuit, raising doubts about the legitimacy of her qualifications.

The statement added that the Senior Pastor’s actions stemmed from a commitment to upholding standards of excellence and integrity within the church community. Headquarters of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, when Ms Anyim Veronica Nnenna came out to testify of how God helped her graduate from the university, thus making her the first person to attain that feat in her family.

“These were the immediate triggers for the said scenario: First, listening to the testifier’s expressions as it borders on basic spoken English, conveys the impression that the minimum standard expectation of a graduate, especially a graduate of Law was not met.“Second, stating that she studied Law for 10 years begged the question of what her degree actually was.Third, she misrepresented the exact degree required for law, which is an LLB. Instead, she claimed that the degree was a BSc in law, which is not widely recognized as a legal degree in Nigeria or perhaps the world.

These led Senior Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche to abruptly end the testimony because it was the result of a “lie.” When it was eventually established that she had truly graduated from a university, relief did, however, come.”It is imperative to emphasize that the testifier’s public humiliation and the ensuing media frenzy were unintentional; everything that transpired was spontaneous.

“The church went on to reveal that the Senior Pastor was chosen more so because of their shared dislike of appearing untruthful or mediocre.

“We want to emphasize that the Senior Pastor never meant any hurt or harm to Ms. Anyim Veronica, even as we continue to be steadfast in our passion for excellence and intolerance of mediocrity and falsehood. The Senior Pastor has already contacted her out of genuine concern.As a commission, we are sorry for any harm, humiliation, or inconvenience that Ms. Anyim Veronica Nnenna has had as a result of this unfortunate situation. We are still devoted to promoting both her spiritual development and physical well-being. God bless everyone, the statement continued.

On her Facebook page, some images attesting to the woman’s NOUN graduation were found and circulated online.Vera expressed her anger earlier about the treatment she had received, claiming that her spiritual leader had shamed and called her a liar due to her inability to speak English and her error in pronouncing LLB as B.Sc.

She said that she received a third-class diploma from NOUN and that her rank on the list of graduates from the institution was 2262 in a post on her Facebook page on Monday.”It is disheartening because I could not speak English like lawyers,” the writer wrote. I was called out for saying B.Sc. instead of LLB by error.

Actually, I received a Third Class diploma from NOUN. The cornerstone may be the stone that is rejected. We are reminded to treat everyone with respect.”You have no idea what I went through during the service. How crushed I must have felt to be so publicly shamed by my spiritual mentor? My number on the list is 2262. Vera, I now deserve better.She wrote in a different post, “The Devil came to steal my testimony, but Jesus said NO!”

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