The Oyo State Government said on Thursday that a court order had been followed in the demolition of a structure in the state capital of Ibadan that was thought to be the hideout of Yoruba Nation agitators.

However, the state government demolished the structures on Tuesday that the Yoruba Nation agitators had been using to shelter after their incursion into the state secretariat in Agodi, Ibadan on Saturday, April 7, 2024.

The state’s Commissioner for Lands, Housing, Survey, and Urban Development, William Akin-Funmilayo, explained the government’s stance to reporters while they were in separate locations at Zone 4, Irorun Oluwa Community, Fatusi Ayegun Road, Odo Dudu area, in the state’s Oluyole Local Government Area, and Shagari area, Toye Oyesola Street, Boluwaji.

These buildings were purportedly owned by Yoruba Nation agitators.As a result, he urged locals to always notify the proper authorities right away of any suspicious activity or threatening act occurring nearby.

“The demolition was carried out two days ago and was based on the state High Court order,” the commissioner stated. According to the court order, the building had to be demolished.”I have a few things to say regarding the order. It has to do with the Yoruba Nation agitators because the court order states that this building is theirs, and it also mentions that it is thought that the building contained guns and other weapons.

The state’s peace and tranquility were in danger because of the activities taking place there.Thus, he gave everyone the assurance that the current administration would continue to place the utmost priority on protecting the lives and property of its citizens.”I will tell the people who live near these areas to relax; the government is watching out for their safety and property, and they will act quickly if there is a threat.

I do, however, want to kindly ask the locals to always report any suspicious activity to the proper authorities if they see it occurring in their neighborhood. Everyone in society should be concerned about security; the government can only take action based on the information you provide.

I beg of you all once more to alert the authorities to any situation that you may see endangering people’s lives or their ability to live in peace so that lives and property are safeguarded,” he said.

Members of the Irorun Oluwa Community Landlords and Landladies Association reported that during their association meeting on Saturday morning, they noticed the agitators’ strange movements.

They immediately called the Rescue line 615 to alert the police, who responded promptly.In a similar vein, a facility that suspected illegal miners were using to prepare and package lithium for export out of the state was destroyed by the government.

The building, which was situated in the state’s Oluyole Local Government Area in Idi Ayunre, was demolished following the acquisition of a court order for that reason.

Recall that the facility, which was initially intended to recycle tires and batteries, was ordered to close by Governor Seyi Makinde on February 28, 2024.

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