The rooftops of several buildings in the Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State’s Igbonna community collapsed due to heavy rains, prompting the community to go into mourning.

Following the start of the rainstorm on Thursday at approximately 6:30 p.m., City Round has learned that a strong windstorm caused damage to a number of the community’s buildings, trees, and electric poles.

The community’s buildings were allegedly severely damaged by the windstorm that followed, leaving the impacted residents to lament their losses.

After assessing the damage firsthand, A Salami, National President of the Igbonna Descendants Development Union, called the event “extremely devastating.”

“This is a concerning experience. The storm that resulted from the intense rain only spared a few houses, if any. While many of the homes of our people were either completely destroyed or severely damaged, some homes were only partially destroyed.

The shock from the tragedy is so severe that most of our people are confused and will not know where to sleep, making this incident unprecedented in history.

The vulnerable victims of the disaster are unsure of what to do or where to go for safety, so as we speak, the community’s economy has been grounded, he said.

Nonetheless, he made a plea to the federal and state governments to assist the populace, since the majority of them were unable to obtain food and shelter.On Friday, it was impossible to get in touch with Dr. Waheed Ibrahim, the chairman of the Transition Implementation Committee in Oyun, via his cell phone.

At the time the report was filed, it was also impossible to get in touch with the constituency’s deputy speaker, Ojo Olayiwola, of the Kwara State House of Assembly.

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