The unused car in which the bodies of the five children were found in Minna, Niger State, on Sunday evening.

The five children’s bodies were discovered in an abandoned car in Minna, Niger State, on Sunday night.

In an abandoned Honda Civic in Niger State with registration number GO 778 ABC, three children of the same parents and two other children, ages five to ten, perished from suffocation after locking themselves inside the car for several hours.In the state capital of Minnesota, Minna, it is not unusual to see throngs of kids playing in the streets, carefree.The children unintentionally got into the car, which had been abandoned for two years prior to the incident, and locked themselves inside for more than five hours on Sunday in the Gurara Albishir neighborhood on Bida Road.

According to a local eyewitness named Bala Usman, the kids were playing in a big compound when they jumped into the abandoned car, which would not open.”They gave up trying to open the car because it would not open. The owner had left the car parked there for approximately two years.

“It is possible that they locked themselves out starting at approximately 11 a.m., and the parents were looking for them. They found their bodies in the car at 4 p.m., having searched the area in vain,” Usman speculated.It was discovered that the victims, who were four girls and one boy, were two victims of different parents, one of whom was the car’s owner, and three siblings. Zahra, age ten; Aisha, age seven; Fati, age five; and Isah, age seven, were listed.It was not possible for our correspondent to identify the fifth victim.Aminu Ladan, the chairman of Chanchaga Local Government Area, acknowledged the incident and expressed regret in his response.

“I have to tell you that this is a very unfortunate incident. At a time like this, we pray for the families to find comfort,” he said.

Aminu, whose home is in the neighborhood where the incident happened, went to the scene right away and offered her condolences to the families of the deceased.Wasiu Abiodun, the public relations officer for the Niger State Police Command, responded to the incident by saying that the owner of the vehicle had been invited to be questioned while the matter was being investigated.

According to information received by Kpakungu Division, five children, aged between five and thirteen, were discovered trapped in a Honda Civic car with registration number GO 778 ABC in the Albishiri neighborhood of Minna on April 21, 2024, at approximately 630 p.m.The police arrived at the scene and discovered that the children had suffocated inside the car.

Their bodies were later taken out by the different parents.In a WhatsApp message to our correspondent, he said, “However, the owner of the vehicle was invited for questioning, as the unfortunate incident is under investigation.”

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