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Prince Ovwiomodiowho, a registered nurse anesthetist, has accused R Jolad Hospital, Agege, a private hospital in Lagos State, of negligence and inadequate care, which allegedly resulted in the death of his wife Loveth and their unborn son, Jason.

The heartbroken man revealed to Healthwise that his late wife began prenatal care at the hospital in 2023 and that, on March 8, 2024, she supposedly bled to death just after having a cesarean section.

Ovwiomodiowho insisted that his wife and child’s premature deaths were caused in part by a deficiency of equipment and a skilled surgical team.He bemoaned the fact that his late wife’s uterus burst during lengthy induction procedures, resulting in severe bleeding.

He bemoaned the fact that his late wife’s uterus burst during lengthy induction procedures, resulting in severe bleeding.”My spouse was their patient from the beginning of the pregnancy; she had no prior surgical or medical history.

Her packed cell volume prior to delivery was 39%, and all of her vital signs, lab results, and scans were normal.”There is no obvious indication for a C/Section,” stated Marcus, the supervising physician, who prescribed the induction starting at midnight.

I protested about the midnight induction, but he maintained that it was hospital policy.Marcus started Misoprostol induction twice while being closely monitored by his junior physicians and a midwife.

He lamented the fact that severe bleeding ensued from his late wife’s uterus burst during protracted induction procedures.He lamented the fact that severe bleeding ensued from his late wife’s uterus burst during protracted induction procedures.He lamented the fact that severe bleeding ensued from his late wife’s uterus burst during protracted induction procedures.

He lamented that during protracted induction procedures, his late wife’s uterus burst, causing severe bleeding.”From the start of the pregnancy, my spouse was their patient; she had no prior medical or surgical history.

“From the start of the pregnancy, my spouse was their patient; she had no prior medical or surgical history. There was no imaginary ventilator, no laryngoscope, and no dependable oxygen system.

During the procedure, she was given an endotracheal tube to breathe on her own.”The entire surgery was conducted without electricity. They occasionally used phone flashlights for surgical procedures.

She was bleeding from multiple bleeders, and the surgical team’s heinous incompetence prevented haemostasis from being secured. Despite the various colloids that were infused, my wife and son eventually bled to death, leaving the theater floor covered in a river of blood.

Imagine the terror of the scene leaving you.”My wife suffered from a ruptured uterus with massive uterine hemorrhage, according to her death certificate.”In addition, he stated that he was unable to retrieve his late wife’s uterus, which had been removed during the procedure.

“Despite my repeated requests, the hospital has refused to provide me with the specimen from the surgery that removed my wife’s uterus (womb). I am not sure if they intend to sell it or if they are purposefully attempting to obfuscate the results of the autopsy.”The placenta has also been refused to me by the hospital.”

The only body that was turned over was that of my son and wife.He said, “I have reported the incident to the Commissioner of Health, the Permanent Secretary in Lagos, and the Health Facilities Monitoring and Accreditation Agency. I am awaiting their responses.

“The irate nurse claimed that his wife and son’s deaths were preventable and needless, calling it “a deliberate act of reckless manslaughter.”He bemoaned, “How can a gynecologist and obstetrician in another facility be so determined to induce my wife under his staff’s supervision from 12 am to 10 am until her uterus gave way? There was no O&G consultant available to examine it when it burst.

“My spouse had no prior surgical or medical history, and she was their patient from the start of the pregnancy.She eventually experienced a complete cardiovascular collapse during labor, lost consciousness, required immediate extubation, and an emergency caesarian section, but she was not given access to early surgical intervention until she developed hypoxic brain injury.”

The paediatrician never arrived, and it took more than three hours for the intensivist to begin caring for her and more than two hours for the O&G consultant to begin surgery.””I was forced to start active resuscitation on my wife during this unbearable waiting time for the surgeon to show up because the team on the ground was in deep confusion and panic,” he continued.

“In the end, they assembled a remarkably inept surgical team that failed to control bleeding even after receiving colloids and crystalloids, resulting in the tragic deaths of the mother and child.”The nurse further claimed that by subjecting him to various forms of cruel treatment and intimidation, the hospital administration had exacerbated his suffering and loss.

He bemoaned, “I have been intimidated and frustrated in my unwavering quest to seek justice just because the hospital has seen I do not have money.”The bereaved father stated that he is unsure of how to respond to his daughter, who is four years old and has been requesting her mother.

His eyes welled with tears as he said, “She has been asking for her mom and I still do not know what to tell her.”The hospital accuses the husband of killing wife but denies any negligence.When contacted the management of R Jolad Hospital, they denied alleged negligence and complicity in the death of the woman.

The hospital insisted that Ovwiomodiowho is wife and son be saved by any means necessary.Speaking at a virtual meeting on April 26, 2024, our correspondent was informed by the Managing Director, Dr. Funsho Oladipo, that standard protocols and procedures necessary for care during labor were provided.

The meeting was attended by the hospital’s Medical Director, Abiola Fashina; Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Soji Osunsedo; and the Marketing and Brand Communications Manager, Ifeoluwapo Ilesanmi.Even though he acknowledged that the wife had lost a lot of blood during the birth, he pointed the finger of blame for the tragic death at Ovwiomodiowho is religious conviction against blood transfusion, despite the fact that the woman had not received blood after the procedure.

“Between you and I, we know that one significant thing that can happen during childbirth and send everyone into a panic state, but which can still be treated, is blood loss,” he said in his explanation.

Additionally, you must replenish lost blood, particularly in cases of significant loss. Blood cannot be substituted by anything.”However, since Prince and his family are Jehovah’s Witnesses, a religious sect that forbids blood transfusions, we had been strictly instructed against receiving blood transfusions.

“And everyone knows, including you and me, that there is nothing anyone can do if a significant amount of blood is lost without replacement.Therefore, it is untrue to say that there was not enough manpower to care for what the wife had.”We have consultant gynecologists and other professionals on staff, and the hospital is well-stocked with equipment and personnel.

We always provided care to the best of our knowledge and practice, so it is very unfortunate that this occurred.And in the time that we have been operating the hospital, a situation like this has never occurred.”The hospital provides care for the needs of people, both rich and poor, bringing joy to many homes.”

“I have just told you the main reason why this loss occurred,” Oladipo said in response to a question about whether the hospital used torches during surgery. It is almost like if you refuse to take Panadol, your headache will persist even if it is treated with the medication. It is unfortunate and quite basic.”If the corpse was alleged to have been kept by us, then we agreed that the uterus and the placenta were also with us,” the hospital’s managing director said in response to accusations that the hospital had not released the placenta and ruptured the uterus.

“You know, it was awful; we had to carefully wrap the uterus and placenta together because they would not take the body that evening. They arrived to pick up the body so many hours after the incident. We gave them everything after wrapping the corpse, the resected uterus, and the placenta.

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